5 tips for the best lighting in your bedroom

You spend an average of 240,000 hours in your bedroom. That’s one third of your life! Half of this time you have your eyes closed, but in those other 120,000 hours you do a lot more than just sleep. Do your makeup, dress up, getting ready for a party, studying late into the night or just reading a book or watching TV. And you guessed it, for all these activities you need a different type of light. Curious about the perfect lighting for your room? We are happy to help you with these 5 tips for the right lighting in your bedroom.

  1. Look at the size of your bedroom. A small buy perhaps, but a large room needs more light than a compact room. Do you have a small room? Then it is a good idea to work with a number of fixed light points. This way you avoid an overcrowded room filled with (unnecessarily) many light sources.
  2. Apply light layers. One of the most common mistakes we make? Using only one light source! So do you only have a ceiling light? See if you can supplement this with a floor light and one or two smaller lights on your bedside table. These different layers of light create a unique and warm atmosphere in your bedroom.
  3. Choose the right light type. A bedroom uses about 100-200 lumens per square meter. The amount of light also depends on the atmosphere you want to create in your bedroom. Do you want bright lighting so that you can read and study well? Then opt for LED lighting. Would you rather go for a more relaxed atmosphere? Then choose a warm white light source.
  4. Use a dimmer. Warm white light fits well in your bedroom because of the atmospheric color. But when you read, study or stand in front of the mirror, you often need a little more light. A solution for this is to use a dimmer. With a dimmer you can more easily determine the amount of light and adjust it to what you need at that moment.
  5. Choose flexible lighting. To avoid working with (too) many different light sources, you can choose flexible lighting. A floor light, or a lamp for your bedside table that can also be moved to your desk. Do you also want a flexible pendant light? With the Lightswing you can easily move a pendant light to a location of your choice on the ceiling. This way you can hang your pendant light above your bed, near your mirror or at your desk.