Easily move your pendant light

The time is there. You have chosen a beautiful pendant light for above your table. Whether you have just moved or just fancy something new. In any case, you can’t wait for the new item to shine above your table top. And that’s exactly how things went at Paul’s house a few years ago.

Adjust interior layout

He has just moved and the furniture is still being put into place. When everything has been given a place, only the dining table needs to be turned a quarter turn. Not the greatest effort you would think. Until the realization that the pendant light above the dining table has to move with it. Since most people prefer the pendant light to be in the middle of the table, right?

But moving your pendant again makes you tired of it after the umpteenth time. So it’s time to take a good look at this. And the result is amazing. So, want to easily move your pendant light? Let us introduce you to the Lightswing. We would love to briefly tell you how it works.

A flexible system

The Lightswing is a suspension system for pendant lights. You can choose which pendant light you attach to the Lightswing. So this can be a pendant light you just bought. Or the light that is already hanging above your table of course ;). The suspension system must be connected to the mains. You can just do that over the central box or another spot on the ceiling that is accessible for an electricity cable. And having a hard time with the system against the ceiling and the pendant light already attached? That’s not the  case. You attach the light to a separate part of the Lightswing later on. This way you can easily slide your pendant light in and out of the Lightswing.

Move in a jiffy

So far, so good. After mounting the Lightswing, you can always easily move your light point. But how? Well that can be done in different ways. First, the arm of the Lightswing can slide back and forth from the point where the Lightswing is connected to the ceiling. Light a little more to the left? No problem. Second, you can rotate the arm 360 degrees. So you can literally move the Lightswing in any direction. And because the pendant light is attached to a separate part of the Lightswing, you can easily change or temporarily remove a pendant light. Ideal right?

The Lightswing is available for one or two pendant lights. You can also choose from three stylish colors. Curious? Find out here!