This is how you choose the right Lightswing®

Wondering which Lightswing® is right for your situation? In this blog, we will tell you which choices to make so you get the right Lightswing® in your home!


# 1 Hang one or two lamps

The Lightswing® allows you to hang one or two lamps. If you choose one pendant lamp, the Lightswing® Single is a good option. Do you want two lamps above the table or kitchen worktop? Then the Lightswing® Twin is the best choice. Still deciding which one you need? You can use the Lightswing® Twin with one or two lamps. This way you can easily switch between one or two lamps.

  • Lightswing® Single: suitable for one pendant lamp
  • Lightswing® Twin: suitable for one or two pendant lamps

#2 How far do you want to move a lamp

Do you want to move a lamp? With the Lightswing® you can easily slide a lamp to another place. Each Lightswing® in our collection has its own sliding range. So measure well in advance how far you want to be able to move the hanging lamp(s) from the connection point. The sliding range for each Lightswing® is listed below.

  • Lightswing® Single 90cm: can slide 80cm
  • Lightswing® Twin 90cm: can be 75cm
  • Lightswing® Single 110cm: can slide 93cm
  • Lightswing® Twin 110cm: can slide 90cm

#3 How far should the lamps hang from each other

On the Lightswing® Twin, you attach a pendant lamp to both ends of the Lightswing®. The distance between the pendant lamps therefore depends on the Lightswing® length you choose. With the Lightswing® Twin 90cm, the lamps hang 90cm apart. With the Lightswing® Twin 110cm, the lamps hang 110cm apart. The distance the lamps should hang from each other depends on the size of the dining table or kitchen worktop.

  • Lightswing® Twin 90cm: two lamps hang 90cm from each other
  • Lightswing® Twin 110cm: two lamps hang 110cm from each other

#4 Which Lightswing® colour is suitable

When choosing the right Lightswing® colour, it is important that the colour of the Lightswing® matches the colour of the ceiling or the colour of your pendant light(s). We have listed the available Lightswing® colours below. Wondering which colour suits your interior type? Read it in the blog about the Lightswing® colours.

  • Lightswing® matt black
  • Lightswing® matt white (RAL9010)
  • Lightswing® stainless steel

So, first of all, choose how many lights you want to hang on the Lightswing®. Then choose the right length. And finally, decide which colour you want. It should work, right?