3. Mounting location

With the help of the mounting ring, the Lightswing® can be mounted in any desired location. With the mounting ring, the Lightswing® does not need to be placed directly over the central junction box. However, make sure that the mounting point is accessible for an electrical cable. If needed, you can use a cable duct for this purpose. Please consult our online manual or PDF manual for more information.
Unfortunately, you cannot attach the Lightswing® directly to the ceiling box. When you screw the Lightswing® onto the ceiling box, there is a risk that the ceiling box cannot support the weight of the lamp(s) and the Lightswing®. We strongly advise against mounting the Lightswing® on the ceiling box.
Basically, any ceiling is suitable for the Lightswing®. However, the ceiling must be strong enough to support the weight of the pendant lamp and the Lightswing®. If necessary, reinforcement can be applied to the central box first. Check carefully whether a screw with a plug has optimal grip in the ceiling before attaching the Lightswing®.
It is possible to attach the Lightswing® to a slightly sloping ceiling. For this, it is best to use a Lightswing® Twin. The Lightswing® Twin has adjustable feet at both ends of the Lightswing®, which allows you to secure the Lightswing® to both sides of the ceiling. Please note: make sure that the lamp does not hang at the lowest point/lowest side of the Lightswing®. The Quick Release that holds the lamp is not locked in the Lightswing®. With a too heavy lamp or a too steep slope, the Quick Release can come loose.
With the mounting ring, it is possible to place the Lightswing® over an ornament. This often enhances the ornament and offers a unique appearance. Check our inspiration page for inspiring examples.
The Lightswing® often provides the perfect solution to hang a lamp under your skylight or light dome. Check out our inspiration page for more inspiring examples.