Your day at Lightswing, obviously, starts with a good cup of coffee. You catch up with your colleagues and dive into the German service support mailbox. You answer customer service questions and handle the phone when a German customer calls. Next stop is Amazon. You check if the orders came through to our back office system and that everything is running smoothly. There are a few customer service questions and you handle those. Right before, a reseller calls. The reseller would like to place a new order and as you handling his request, you check if all the information on their website is still up to date. In the afternoon it is time for a strategy meeting; how are we going to realise growth within the German market? Great timing because you have tons of ideas.

Excited from the meeting and the new ideas that turned into a to do list, you immediately start with task number one. You also reserved time today to write a blog for the German website. But before you start with this, you have some time to translate the new German Facebook campaign so that you can publish the advertisement.

What you will be doing

What we offer

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About Lightswing

Lightswing is part of Illumade B.V., a company that develops innovative products. The Lightswing is a hanging system for your pendant light. With this product you can easily switch the position of your pendant light. We have our own webshop, but the Lightswing is also available with known Dutch resellers such as To grow in the Netherlands we used different online campaigns, an TV commercial and exposure at VT Wonen and Eigen Huis & Tuin. Nowadays, the Lightswing is sold at 50+ light specialty stores, 60+ Karwei stores and the Technische Unie. Now we want to take the next step: conquering the German market (amoungst others).

Do you want to take on our international adventure with us? Send your CV + motivation to We look forward meeting you!