How to install the Lightswing®

During the development of the Lightswing®, we have ensured that installation is almost as simple as possible. On this page, you can go through the different steps.


In three steps


Remove the current light

If you already have a light hanging on the ceiling, the first step is to remove it. For this purpose, turn off the power to the connecting wires. You install the Lightswing® to the junction box on your ceiling, or with the construction ring if you have a different location in mind. It can also be connected directly to an electricity cable coming from your ceiling.


Install the Lightswing®

Then drill 4 holes in the ceiling. With the drilling template, you simply mark where the holes should be. Then it is time to connect the electricity cable to the supplied terminal block. Then you screw the Lightswing® to the ceiling and check that the Lightswing® can rotate and slide freely.


Attach the pendant to the Quick Release

Now it is time to attach the lights to the Quick Release. For this purpose, you strip a part of the cord, that you then attach again in the terminal block of the quick release system. And you’re done! Click the light with the quick release system into the Lightswing®, switch the power back on and enjoy maximum flexibility from your pendant lights.

Attach the Lightswing® in an instant.  

In the digital manual of the Lightswing, you can see exactly what is in the package you receive, which tools you need and how you install the Lightswing®.

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