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This way you can effortlessly hang a pendant light.

Do you always need help hanging or moving your pendant light while you prefer to do it yourself? With a Lightswing® on your ceiling, you are always in control from now on. Because moving, changing and temporarily removing your pendant light becomes super easy with the help of the Lightswing® suspension system.

Hanging pendant lights on the Lightswing®

A big advantage of the Lightswing® is the easy disconnection and connection of your pendant lights. And there are no tools involved!

A woman hangs a pendant light on the Lightswing Single white
Quick converter Lightswing black

How? Well like this:

  • The Lightswing® is attached to the ceiling.
  • Attach the lamps to the Quick Release.
  • Slide the Quick Release in and out of the Lightswing®.
  • The Lightswing® remains hanging while you can easily remove the pendant lights.

Handy when your lamps get in the way during a party!

Hanging, moving and disconnecting lamps

With the Lightswing® suspension system you save time while your interior becomes super flexible. You only have to hang the system once, just like you do with a regular pendant light. Choose which pendant light you attach to the Lightswing®. When your lamp attached, the arm of the Lightswing® is flexible. This means that you can slide and rotate the pendant light to a place of your choice. So, moving your dining table? Easily move the pendant light with it from now on.

With the Lightswing® you can easily hang your pendant lights yourself. Move a pendant light or disconnect your pendant lights with one movement and easily switch between lamps. Enough reasons why you should have a Lightswing® at home. Curious which Lightswing® fits best in your interior? Read our blog about the Lightswing® colour that suits your interior!