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Get to know the Lightswing

Moving the pendant lights on your ceiling without tools, that’s the Lightswing. You hang up the intelligent suspension system once, and then you have full freedom to rotate, move and exchange your pendant lights.

Lightswing Single

  • Suitable for 1 pendant light (up to 3.5kg)
  • Perfect for your living room, bedroom or workplace
  • In 3 stylish colours
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Lightswing Twin

  • Suitable for 1 or 2 pendant lights (up to 3.5kg)
  • Ideal for the kitchen or above the dining table
  • In 3 stylish colours
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Be inspired

What would flexibility for your pendant lights look like, you ask yourself? We could tell you a lot, but we would prefer to let you see it. From dining table to workspace, from reading corner to kitchen: the Lightswing gives every interior a stylish and flexible boost.

Experiences from others

Since our start in 2006, more than 25,000 Lightswings have been sold across Europe..

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Moves your pendant light in a couple of seconds, so that it simply moves with your interior. Order your favourite Lightswing now!