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The suspension system that can do everything

Turn, slide and change your pendant light without tools.

Meet the Lightswing® Single

Mount the Lightswing® and turn and slide your pendant light to the desired place. Making sure your light is always centered.

Meet the Lightswing® Twin

Both your pendant lights can turn and slide, ensuring they are always perfectly centered and simple to adjust.

This is how you mount your Lightswing®

  1. 1 Turn off the power

    Of course, firstly, you turn off the power to the connecting wires. You install the Lightswing® onto the junction box on your ceiling, or use our mounting ring if you have a specific ornament or location in mind. The Lightswing® can also be connected directly to an electricity cable coming from your ceiling.

  2. 2 Install the Lightswing®

    After determining the Lightswings location, drill four holes in the ceiling using the provided drilling template. Then, connect the electricity cable from the Lightswing® to the supplied terminal block. Check to ensure that the Lightswing® can rotate and slide freely. Next, secure the Lightswing® to the ceiling using the four drilled holes.

  3. 3 Attach the pendant light

    The final step is to attach the pendant light(s) to the Quick Release. To do this, strip a part of the cord and attach it to the terminal block of the Quick Release. Click the Quick Release in the Lightswing® to connect the pendant light and adjust it into place. Finally, switch the power back on and enjoy the flexibility of your pendant light(s).

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Buy now, pay later

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90 days to change your mind

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From now on, your pendant light will always be perfectly centered

The Lightswing® is attached to the ceiling, often over the existing light fixture. Once the system is in place, you can turn and slide the Lightswing® to the spot where you want the pendant to hang.

Turn, slide, and switch your pendant lights without tools

Do you want to change the position of your table and your pendant light? No problem! The Lightswing® has a sliding range of up to 93 cm and 360° rotation. Want to switch pendant lights? Thanks to the Quick Release , that's no problem.

Designed for one or two pendant lights weighing up to 3.5 kg each

Your Lightswing® is suitable for one or two pendant lights. The 90cm version can carry up to 2.5 kg per pendant. The Lightswing® Single is designed for one pendant, and the Lightswing® Twin is suitable for two pendants.

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