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Our story: how it all started

‘The solution for a common problem

Engineer and founder Paul Constandse had a problem. Well.. his wife had a problem. As they furnished their newly built house in 2014, an issue arose: the dining room table had to be rotated yet again. Faced with the realisation of more drilling holes in his new ceiling, he was struck by a realization. “There just had to be a better solution, and I surely wasn’t the only one with this problem,” Paul recounted. This moment of frustration sparked a flurry of creativity at his dining room table, where he started to draw and sketch what would eventually become one of the 100 prototypes of his innovative design.

Unique and innovative Dutch Design
I naturally have a certain drive and I’m practically minded. You just have to get started.” Paul’s practical approach led to the creation of Lightswing®, a suspension system that revolutionized the placement and movement of pendant lights in homes. Over the years, this innovative and effective solution gained traction across the Netherlands. It wasn’t long before Lightswing® was picked up by Karwei, one of the largest DIY chains in the country, and made its way into over 250 lighting, home, and decor stores.
The solution for a common problem
Paul has been pushing the boundaries beyond his home country, bringing his distinct and innovative Dutch Design to the rest of Europe. “Lightswing® is about a recognizable and common problem in housholds across Europe and I created a solution for it”. Lightswing® is user-friendly and innovative because it addresses a clear need. Exactly what the consumer wants today. Ultimately, the bigger goal might be even more important: giving many people around the world a little extra flexibility and creativity. That’s what motivates me, and that’s what I aim to achieve.

Our core values

Customer first

We work for our customers. We listen to their feedback and actively keep working on improving our products for them.


We take the lead in our field. To make this a reality, we work to get things done. And we strive for nothing less than the best.


We bright up your space, while reducing our carbon trace. No step is taking without looking at the impact of our footprint.

Our team

We are a committed team. We are fueled by passion, creativity and enthusiasm. Here, the 'work hard, play hard' philosophy truly comes to life.

Giving all pendant lights the flexibility to move
Extra flexibilty in households

"Give many people around the world an extra touch of flexibility and creativity in their households. That's my ultimate goal with Lightswing®."

Dutch Design a cross the world

"We are currently available and growing in 25 countries in Europe. Next goal is taking Lightswing® to America, followed by expansions to the rest of the world."

Product expansion

"Lightswing® is just one of several ideas I have for convenient solutions in and around your home. My aim is to develop these ideas into successful products and take them to market."

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Lightswing® the suspension system that gives all pendant lights the flexibility to move. It is therefore, the new standard for flexible pendant lights. Give your lighting category the upgrade it needs and add Lightswing® to your assortment.