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About us

A pleasant, stylish and especially easy daily life. That’s what we’ve committed to. The idea for the Lightswing was dreamt up at Paul’s kitchen table in 2012. In the meantime, a whole team has been working on continuously improving our products and services. A short description of our team? Head-on and no-nonsense. And that’s also how we want to realise our international ambitions.

Intrigued by our story? Read on and meet the Lightswing team!

Inventor of lightswing

How it all started with a kitchen table (lamp)

and how a prototype turned into a business

Paul is sitting at the kitchen table in his new flat, when his wife decides she wants to rotate the table a quarter turn. Looks good, but the pendant light above dangles lost in space above the end. If the pendant light is moved, it will leave an ugly mark on the ceiling. “It must be possible to move this kind of pendant light easily”, thinks Paul.  

He dives into his shed and comes up with a first prototype. Paul is sure that he’s not the only one with this problem. A website is set up, and orders arrive in no time at all!  

In the following period, Paul keeps experimenting with the design and the functionality of the Lightswing. In the meantime the Lightswing has developed into a unique and unmistakable interior piece which has already been installed in more than 25,000 households. And the suspension system is still being discovered every day by interior enthusiasts, DIYers and convenience-seekers across the world.

Behind the scenes

meet our Lightswing® team

Fun fact; Lighstwing® is proudly produced by Illumade®. Illumade® is our hub where it is literally our slogan to have Bright Ideas. Here we come up with bright solutions to use in and around your house. These solutions will make your daily life a little more pleasant. This mission has led us to the idea of producing the Lightsing®.

Meet the team

Getting in touch with Lightswing®?

Do you need help or advice? Take a look at our support page. Prefer direct contact? We’ll be glad to assist you!