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How high should a pendant light hang above the dining table.

Have you bought a new dining table pendant light and are you curious how high a pendant light should hang above the dining table? There is a rule of thumb for this, but the height of your dining table pendant light also depends on the type of pendant lamp and the size of the pendant lamp. We’ll tell you everything you need to know in this blog.

Rule of thumb for pendant lights above the dining table

The height of the lamp is the most important thing to consider when hanging a pendant light above the dining table. The rule of thumb for a lamp above the table is 75 cm. The distance between the tabletop and the bottom of the lamp is 75 cm. However, this is not always the ideal height. Because what if the pendant lamp only illuminates a small part of the table? Or does the lamp not give good light at all, so you do not see what is on your plate in the evening?

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A open or closed pendant light above the dining table 

First, make a conscious choice between an open or a closed lampshade. A pendant light above the table with an open lampshade provides atmospheric lighting throughout the room. That is ideal when you have a large kitchen. When you choose a closed lampshade, you can centre the light much better in one place. The light then shines on the kitchen table and less to the rest of the room. In this case, hang your lamp a little higher, so that you can illuminate a larger part of the table with the same lamp. 

Size of the pendant lights above the table 

You can choose a pendant light in varied sizes, colours and shapes. How high you hang a pendant light above the dining table also depends on the size of the pendant light. Smaller pendant lights can often be hung a little lower above the table. That is, about 55 cm above the table. With larger lamps, it is wise to stick to the rule of thumb of 75 cm. Are you hanging multiple lamps above the dining table? Make sure the distance between the lamps is at least 80 cm. 

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