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Moving a light point in the bedroom

Easily move your light point in the bedroom 

You will experience complete tranquillity in a beautifully styled bedroom. But what if your light point is not in the ideal place? A cable duct quickly changes the atmosphere of a room and can have a cheap appearance. The Lightswing® is a real Dutch Design solution for this problem. Moving your point of light has never been so easy and beautiful. 

A Lightswing® in the bedroom – These are the advantages.  

With the Lightswing® suspension system you can easily create a beautifully styled bedroom, but there are even more advantages. 

Quick and easy to move

Enjoy the endless mobility of the pendant light.

Easily change your pendant lights

Changing your interior whenever you feel like it.

A neat finish of the light point

The last time you drill holes in your ceiling.

How to move the Lightswing® in your bedroom 

  1. Attach the Lightswing® to the ceiling.
  2. Attach your pendant light on the Lightswing® using the Quick Release
  3. Slide and turn the Lightswing® to your liking
  4. Enjoy your movable light point and perfectly lit bedroom
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