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Moving a light point in the kitchen

Easily move your light point in the kitchen 

In the kitchen, you quickly encounter the problem of kitchen cabinets being blocked from opening by a pendant light. Finding the right place for a pendant light is often a challenge. A Lightswing® is the perfect solution for this! This allows you to create a movable light point, so you can effortlessly enjoy optimal lighting in your kitchen. 

A Lightswing® in the kitchen – These are the advantages.  

Move your light point quickly and easily.

Easily slide, rotate and swap your pendant lights with the innovative suspension system.

Hanging two lamps from one light point

Using the Lightswing®, you can easily hang two individual pendant lights.

The last four holes you drill in your ceiling.

No hassle with power cables or cable ducts.

How to install the Lightswing ® in your kitchen 

How to move the Lightswing® in your kitchen 

  • Hang the Lightswing® from the ceiling
  • Attach your pendant lamp to the Lightswing® using the Quick Release 
  • Slide and turn the Lightswing® to your liking
  • Enjoy your movable light point and perfectly lit kitchen
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