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5. Installation & accessoiries

Can’t get the Lightswing® to turn anymore? Then your Lightswing® has gotten stuck in the spin-through safety device. You can...

Can I have the Lightswing® installed by you?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to have the Lightswing® mounted by us. However, you can hire an installer or electrician for...

Can I install the Lightswing® myself, or do I need to hire a professional?

The Lightswing® is delivered pre-assembled, and you can install it yourself to the ceiling. However, it is important to follow...

Do I have to drill holes in the ceiling to mount the Lightswing®?

Yes, it is necessary to drill 4 holes in your ceiling to mount the Lightswing®. The round base plate of...

How do I attach my lamp cord to the Quick Release?

Take the Quick Release out of the Lightswing® and use a screwdriver to loosen one of the cable clamps and...