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Attach a pendant light to an ornament

In both old and new homes, ceiling ornaments or rosettes are common and often positioned in the center of the room, making them ideal for hanging a beautiful pendant lamp. However, what if the center isn’t where you want your lamp to hang? No worries! The Lightswing® suspension system allows you to hang your lamp adjacent to the ornament without any dangling cables or messy finishes, preserving the neat appearance of your space.

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Installation Process:

Securing the Lightswing®:

  1. Mounting Ring Attachment:
    • Begin by attaching the mounting ring directly to the ornament. This ring serves as the anchor point for the Lightswing® and ensures that the system maintains a safe distance from the ornament, preventing any potential damage.
  2. Lightswing® Setup:
    • Attach the Lightswing® to the mounting ring installed on the ornament. This setup not only keeps the pendant light stable but also allows for easy adjustments along the circumference of the ornament, giving you the flexibility to position the light precisely where you need it.
Lightswing and pendant lamp hanging from an ornament on the ceiling

Enhancing classical charm with modern functionality

Ornamental focus: A ceiling ornament enhances a room with a touch of classic and romantic aesthetics. By utilizing the Lightswing® to hang a pendant light, you not only spotlight this ornamental feature but also blend traditional charm with contemporary design, creating a luxurious focal point that commands attention.

Functional elegance:

Versatile placement:

  • The Lightswing® system’s versatility means you can position your pendant light not just beside the ornament but anywhere within a 93 cm radius from the attachment point, all without compromising the room’s aesthetic or dealing with unsightly cables.

Aesthetic and practical benefits:

  • Opting for the Lightswing® allows you to highlight the room’s classic elements while achieving the exact lighting placement you desire. It’s the perfect solution for those who appreciate the elegance of traditional decor but require the practicality of modern design.

Discover more:

Explore the possibilities with Lightswing® and learn how effortlessly you can enhance your room’s design while focusing on functionality. Whether it’s spotlighting an antique rosette or optimizing light placement in your living space, the Lightswing® offers a sophisticated solution to interior lighting challenges.

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