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Hanging a lamp under a skylight

Beautiful, isn’t it? Lots of natural light in the living room or dining room through that beautiful skylight. During the summer, a skylight brings in additional light to spaces. In contrast, during autumn and winter, a skylight becomes a nice addition. However, during this period there is significantly less natural light entering the interior. It would be beneficial to have an additional light source in this area during these seasons. But how can you conveniently install a lamp in this location?

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Lightswing Single white mounted under skylight

Pendant light next to your skylight

The obvious solution is to place a lamp on the ceiling, just next to the skylight. That is certainly possible, but when your dining table is exactly in the middle under the skylight, that lamp does not hang directly above it.

And how nice would it be if you could just hang the pendant lamp nicely in the middle, without having to put a lot of effort into it?

The Lightswing® suspension system

Hanging your lamp under a skylight is easy with the Lightswing®. With the Lightswing® suspension system for lamps, you are a lot less dependent on the original location of the light point. In addition, you create many more possibilities to hang lamps, where there is currently no light point. Like under the skylight, for example.

How the Lightswing® works

The flexible suspension system connects you to the current light point on your ceiling. You attach the pendant light to the end of the Lightswing®, so you can move it to another place later. Depending on which Lightswing® you choose, your pendant light can be moved up to 93 cm from this attachment point. The system is attached to the ceiling at one point and can also rotate and slide freely so, you can also slide the lamp to a place where there is no ceiling above.

The Lightswing® suspension system can be used with one or two pendant lights. In addition, you can choose from 3 colours and 2 lengths. Curious about where else a Lightswing® can come in handy? Visit our inspiration page and find out!

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