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Sustainability: this is how Lightswing® contributes

Sustainability is an important topic that you see more often. But what exactly is sustainability? And what steps is Lightswing® taking in the field of sustainability? We will give you an explanation of the question in this blog.

This is sustainability.

Sustainability is often explained based on the 3 Ps of People, Profit and Planet. In short, sustainability means that people, the economy and nature are in balance. This so that the earth is not depleted. Living more sustainably, but also doing business more sustainably, therefore helps to save our living environment for future generations.

This is what Lightswing® does in the field of sustainability.

Lightswing® also contributes to a more sustainable world. For example, we have ensured that the Lightswing® is 100% recyclable, that as little plastic as possible is used in the Lightswing® packaging and that the shipment of the Lightswing® ensures less CO2 emissions than faster, but less sustainable alternatives. Are you reading along?

Sustainable package Lightswing

The Lightswing® packaging

At the beginning, a few pieces of plastic packaging could be located in the Lightswing® box that you as a customer received at home. That is no longer the case. The plastic packaging of the mounting ring and the covers have been replaced by cardboard boxes made of FSC-certified cardboard. The Lightswing® itself was also delivered in plastic packaging. But that plastic packaging has now been replaced by a black fabric cover. This fabric cover can be stored and is ideal for reuse! Here you can, for example, transport or store other objects. Like your tent poles, which you normally always lose, for example! 😉


Lightswing®’s products are transported to the Netherlands by boat. This takes longer than when the products are transported in a truck or by plane. But, on the other hand, it also causes less CO2 emissions. With a little patience and good planning, we ensure that we have enough Lightswings® in stock, so that you do not have to wait long.

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