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Changing your pendant light has never been easier with the Quick Release

Are you looking for a stylish solution to easily swap out your pendant lights? With the Lightswing® Quick Release, it’s now possible. This smart addition to the Lightswing® allows you to effortlessly adjust your lighting without any tools or hassle. Whether you want to refresh your interior or simply adjust the lamp for a special occasion, the Quick Release makes it easier than ever.

What is the Quick Release?

The Quick Release is an essential component of the Lightswing®. It is a coupling piece that allows you to easily attach and remove pendant lights. The Lightswing® Single comes with one Quick Release, while the Lightswing® Twin comes with two Quick Releases. Effortlessly slide your pendant light in and out of the end of your Lightswing® and experience the flexibility.

Changing pendant lamps with Quick Release

How does it work?

Using the Quick Release is surprisingly simple. Slide the coupling piece in or out of the end of the Lightswing®, regardless of whether a lamp is attached or not. Want to remove or replace the lamp? No problem! Remove the Quick Release from the Lightswing®, loosen one screw of the strain relief, and remove the other screw completely. This allows you to easily thread the lamp’s cord. Then, attach the wires in the terminal block, tighten it, and secure the strain relief back in place.

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The Quick Release is included by default!

Tip 💡

Want to make switching between your favorite pendant lights even easier? Consider purchasing an extra Quick Release. This way, you only need to mount your lamps to the Quick Release once, and then you can effortlessly swap them out afterward.

Discover the Quick Release