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Maximize your dining space with flexible pendant light solutions

Do you often find yourself needing help to hang or adjust your pendant light? With a suspension system like the Lightswing® mounted on your ceiling, you gain complete control over your lighting without any assistance. This system revolutionizes how you interact with your pendant lights, making moving, changing, and even temporarily removing the lights a breeze.

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Couple changing pendant lights using Lightswing® twin

Seamlessly move your lamp with your table

Planning to rotate your dining table? No problem! The Lightswing® allows your pendant lamp to move in sync with your table. This advanced suspension system is not just for hanging lamps; its flexible arm means your pendant lamp isn’t restricted to one spot. Choose from models that offer up to 93 cm of movement and the ability to rotate 360 degrees, giving you the freedom to slide your lamp in any direction. This flexibility makes you less reliant on the original lighting position and expands your furniture arrangement options.

Always have the perfect lighting

Beyond its rotation and sliding capabilities, the Lightswing® features a handy Quick Release at the end of the arm, enabling you to quickly connect or disconnect pendant lamps. This feature is ideal for those who love to refresh their space regularly or require varied lighting for different occasions. Whether you need a single lamp or dual lamp setup, the Lightswing® Twin model accommodates both effortlessly.

Right light, right place, every time

The Lightswing® ensures that your lighting is always where you need it to be, perfectly aligned with your dining area. Just pick the color that best fits your décor, and enjoy the right ambiance at your fingertips. 🤩

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