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How to easily move your dining table lamp

Turn or move a dining table? There is a good chance that the lamp above the table is no longer in the right place. That’s not convenient. Where you normally reluctantly slide your table back, this is no longer necessary with the Lightswing®. When moving your furniture, your pendant lamp will simply move with you from now on!

Move your lamp with your dining table.

Do you decide to turn the dining table a quarter? The pendant lamp above the dining table simply moves thanks to the Lightswing®. The suspension system for pendant lamps. Because of the flexible arm of the Lightswing®, your pendant lamp is no longer tied to one place on the ceiling.

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Spit photo with the Lightswing in the diningtable showing you can turn your table and the lightswing turns with it.

Maximize flexibility

Depending on which Lightswing® you choose, your pendant lamp can be moved up to 93 cm. In addition, the Lightswing® can also rotate 360°. This way you can literally slide the pendant lamp in all directions. With the Lightswing® you are therefore a lot less dependent on the original location of the light point. You also create many more possibilities to change your furniture. 

Always a nice pendant lamp above the dining table 

In addition to the possibility to rotate and slide your pendant lamp, the Lightswing® provides flexibility in your interior in another way. Because the Lightswing® has a handy Quick Release at the end, you can easily disconnect and attach a pendant lamp. This makes it super easy to change your pendant lights. Do you also want to be able to switch between one or two pendant lights? That’s possible with the Lightswing® Twin! 

With the Lightswing® you always have the right lamp, in the right place! Just choose the right colour. Discover all available colours! 

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