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Always your lights above the dining table

It is a time-consuming job to get your pendant lights right above the table every time. With the Lightswing® suspension system this is history, and you can easily choose where you want to hang a pendant light. This way, from now on your lamps will always be in the right place.

One or two pendant lights above the dining table

Do you want to hang one or two pendant lights above the dining table? With the Lightswing®  you save time and your interior is also super flexible. You hang the system once, just like you do with a pendant light. Then you can choose which pendant light you attach to the Lightswing®. When your lamp hangs the arm of the Lightswing® can slide and rotate. This means that you can slide and rotate the pendant light to a place of your choice.

Lightswing Twin white slide and rotate photo so you can see how you can transform your interior and your lamps together.

Moving your dining table? You can easily move the pendant light with it from now on.

The Lightswing® Twin is ideal when you want to have not one, but two hanging lamps above your dining table. Because here too applies; you hang the system once and then you can attach two lamps to the Lightswing®. This also means that no extra holes are drilled in the ceiling!

Easy to alternate lamps.

The Lightswing® gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility when hanging lamps above your dining table. Connecting two lamps to one light point is also a lot easier. In addition, the Lightswing® has the advantage that you can easily disconnect lamps. This way, the lights don’t get in the way during a party or an evening of gourmet. And do you want to turn the table so that all your guests can sit at the table? You can easily move the lamp above it. This way the lamps always hangs nicely above the dining table.

Enough reasons to buy a Lightswing®. Do you choose the Lightswing® Single for one pendant light or do you go for the Lightswing® Twin that is suitable for two pendant lamps? Discover all the lightswings® here.