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When should the Lightswing® mounting ring be used?

During the assembly of the Lightswing® you must make a choice whether you use the mounting ring or not. Curious when you use or do not use the mounting ring when mounting the Lightswing®? We explain it to you in this blog.

product picture of extra mounting ring set with leveling foot black

Mounting location of the Lightswing®

Whether or not you should use the mounting ring depends, among other things, on the place where you want to attach the Lightswing®.

Lightswing® over a central box

If you want to attach the Lightswing® to the place where the current central box is located, you do not need the mounting ring. The Lightswing® can be mounted tightly to the ceiling. The electricity cables and crown stones can easily be hidden in the central box.

Lightswing® over a cable from the ceiling

Do you not want to mount the Lightswing® suspension system over a central box, but on a separate electricity cable from your ceiling? Then you do need the mounting ring. The mounting ring is needed so that you can cleverly hide the cable from the ceiling. There is enough space for this in the mounting ring. You then screw the Lightswing® against the mounting ring.

Lightswing® anywhere

Do you mount the Lightswing® anywhere on your ceiling where there is no light connection yet? Even then, the mounting ring is needed. In the mounting ring there is a small recess that you can push out of the mounting ring. For example, you can pass an electrical wire through the mounting ring. Then connect the Lightswing® to the electricity cable and screw the suspension system to the mounting ring.

Lightswing single black diningroom pink
Lightswing Single white in a luxury dining room

Ceiling to which the Lightswing® is attached.

In addition to the mounting spot, it is also important to check whether your ceiling is straight and whether the finish of your ceiling lends itself to a Lightswing® without or with a mounting ring.

Straight ceiling

When you attach the Lightswing® to your ceiling without the mounting ring in between, the Lightswing® is tightly mounted against the ceiling. Does your ceiling slope a little bit or is your ceiling not completely straight here and there? This can cause the Lightswing® to not slide optimally. When you place the mounting ring between the ceiling and the Lightswing®, there is 2 cm between the Lightswing® and the ceiling. For example, it is not a problem if the ceiling is slightly uneven where the suspension system will hang.

Ceiling finish

Often ceilings are nice and sleek and evenly finished. With such a sleek finish, it is often not necessary to use the mounting ring. Depending on where you attach the Lightswing® of course. Do you have a packed ceiling at home? Then it can be nice to mount the Lightswing® with a mounting ring. This way you can be sure that the Lightswing® does not rub along your ceiling.

Whether or not to use the mounting ring depends on where you attach the Lightswing® and on the ceiling to which the system is attached. Would you like to know more about the Lightswing® mounting? Check out our assembly page.

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