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How to attach a lamp to the Lightswing®

Hang a pendant light in seconds. This is possible with the Lightswing® on your ceiling. Huh? Yes, really! You’ll never be messing around in the air hanging a lamp again. And that saves time and annoying situations.

Attach a lamp with Quick Release

After the Lightswing® hangs, attach the lamp to the Quick Release. This Quick Release is an intermediate piece that you can easily click into the Lightswing®. And as the name ‘Quick’ says, attaching your lamp to the Lightswing® is nice and fast. Handy, right?

Discover the Quick Release
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Hanging the Lightswing®

First things first. To be able to hang a lamp without difficulty, it is useful to attach a Lightswing® to your ceiling. Then you can use this hanging system for pendant lights – with one click! – hang a new lamp. Curious how that works exactly? Read on!

Attach your cord to the Quick Release

You can ‘mount’ your lamp to the Quick Release while sitting at the kitchen table. That saves fumbling on the stairs with your hands full of tools. In the step-by-step plan below you can read how attaching the lamp to the Quick Release works:

  1. Collect all the stuff you need. These are: a suitable pendant lamp for the Lightswing®, the Quick Release, a marker / pencil, scissors / cutter, a stripping pliers and a fitting screwdriver.
  2. Decide how high you want to hang the lamp. For the height of a lamp above the dining table is recommended in most cases 75 cm. Mark this point on the cord of your pendant lamp.
  3. Cut the cord of the lamp 10 cm above the mark.
  4. Using the stripping pliers, strip the outer sheath of the cord about 4 cm, so that the coloured power wires become visible.
  5. Using the stripping pliers, strip the end of the coloured threads so that 1cm of copper emerges.
  6. Unscrew one screw of the Quick Release looser and remove the second screw completely.
  7. Connect the wires to the connector in the Quick Release.
  8. Tighten the two screws of the Quick Release again.

Watch the video  ‘attaching a lamp cord to the Lightswing®‘ to see what the above steps look like.

Hang up your lamp or temporarily remove it with one click!

Have you attached the lamp cord to the Quick Release? Beautiful! Then it’s time to hang your lamp on the Lightswing®. This time with a lamp, go up the stairs. Hassle with wires and screwdrivers is no longer an issue. You slide the Quick Release into the end of the Lightswing® and voilà: your lamp hangs!

Do you want to temporarily remove the lamp because it hangs in the way? That too is quickly done! Disconnect the Quick Release from the Lightswing® and store your lamp. Shop your Lightswing® now!

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